Microstructured films manufactured by UV roll-to-roll imprinting

In addition to microlens arrays (MLA), other complex microstructures, such as fresnel lenses, microfluidics channels and waveguide structures, are also manufactured with Nanocomp’s modern manufacturing technologies.  However, any similar microstructures can be customized according to your specifications.

Ultra thin Fresnel lens

Nanocomp has experience in various collimating lenses for over 20 years. Our main advantages come from manufacturing technology which allows thin form factor together with accurate replication of microstructures.

Nanocomp Ultra Thin Fresnel Lens, view PDF


Microfluidics channels

Our technology have been also applied for creating microfluidics channels on plastic. Both tooling and manufacturing can be done with in-house capabilities.

Key benefits of Nanocomp Microstructured films: 

  • Ultra thin and flexible film components (down to 10µm total thickness)
  • Excellent optical performance by precise structures
  • Customized arrangements and parameters


  • Shapes: customizable
  • Structure height: up to 15 µm
  • Materials: PC, PMMA, PET
  • Max surface area up to 450 X 450 mm, seamless