Display technologies – arising and evolving


Flexible displays

Organic flexible displays

Thus far, organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays have been leading the introduction of flexible display technologies into consumer applications, such as cellular phones. OLED is an emissive display technology and does not need separate lighting.

Inorganic flexible displays

Traditional, inorganic TFT-LCDs are currently being applied in a curved form factor for e.g. automotive displays and TV industry. However, the development of organic thin film transistor (OTFT) technology has really been paving the way for the arise of truly flexible non-emissive displays. For instance, electrophoretic displays (EPDs) with organic TFT-backplane have been introduced to various kind of flexible device concepts, such as bracelets and foldable e-books. Similarly, the organic TFT will enable also the LCD to become truly flexible (OLCD).

E-paper display developments

The on-going developments in EPD and alternative paper-like display technologies will enable color and higher switching speeds, needed for e.g. video.

These advancements open up whole new opportunities for these display technologies to penetrate the markets in various novel applications.

Non-emissive technologies

EPD / e-paper and LCD are non-emissive technologies, which need an external light source. Even the reflective displays need a lighting system for the night-time/low ambient light use. Nanocomp designs and manufactures frontlight and backlight guides needed for illuminating non-emissive displays. Nanocomp light guide film is a perfect pair for thin and flexible displays or for any non-emissive display- enabling thinner and lighter devices.


  • Cost efficient manufacturing
  • High performance & uniformity
  • Small structures > aesthetic visual appearance to end customer
  • Flexible & bendable
  • Extra thin
  • Compact delivery formats



  • Thinness: 0.200-0.500 mm
  • Materials: PMMA and PC
  • Illuminating area: up to 15.6″ (diag.)
  • Layout: customizable
  • LED: side emitting LED or LEDs matching lightguide thinness


Nanocomp has more than a decade in experience in the development and production of thin and flexible light guides, for a variety of types of displays.