Nanocomp offers micro- and nanophotonics design expertise with more than 25 years of experience in diffractive and refractive optics. We stand out from the competition by exceling in design for manufacturing (DFM), extensive proven experience and by providing flexible design and simulation support. We are utilizing both commercial tools (LightTools, Zemax, etc.) and own modeling capabilities.

Lightguide design

Nanocomp has been designing and manufacturing lightguides for over two decades. We have great capabilities to optimize LGP outcoupling structures, which helps to achieve solution for high contrast ratio or color displays. LGP uniformity optimization is part of our daily work, which is supported with extensive experience on solving LGP mura and visual phenomena and existing design solutions for low mixing distances.

Together with our manufacturing capabilities, it makes possible to create products which excel in performance. Our capabilities have been validated in many high-end products on the market.

Broad expertise

Nanocomp designers have been working in the field of optics for 25 years. There is extensive experience on various fields of micro-,  diffractive or refractive structures. We are able to support optimizing and solving many problems together with our customers. Please contact for more information.