The 9.7” FLGP for EPD carries on the same merits possessed by the product family, particularly, high contrast ratio, low power consumption and exceptional thinness. The thickness of this 9.7” FLGP is 0.4 mm. It can be operated effectively with as few as eight pieces of LEDs, making it a good fit with applications requiring low power consumption. Certainly, more LEDs could be added to further improve luminance level if desired. By applying another set of warmer LEDs, the adjustment between the cool/warm color temperatures can be realized, providing extra eye comfort for different reading situations. Technical data of this product is displayed below.

Key performance measures:

  • Uniformity ≥85% (VESA, 9 points)
  • Δu´v´<0.008 (CIE 1976, 9 points)
  • Efficiency: 300 cd/m2@1 W
  • Available in PMMA and PC

Identical to other models of our FLG products, the 9.7” FLGP is an excellent choice for e-reading and information display applications alike.