Film Optics for Motion Tracking and Gesture Control Applications

In recent years the advancements in optical and information technologies have allowed gesture recognition and motion tracking based non-contact interfaces for costumer and professional devices. Commercially available 3D sensing and control devices are large in size with relatively high power consumption –the demand is towards miniaturised units, which can be integrated into personal hand-held gadgets.

Nanocomp has developed illumination elements for structured light and time of flight (ToF) machine vision technologies. Beam splitter -like pattern generators produce high quality dot matrix, with up to tens of thousands of equal intensity dots, for structured light applications. Nanocomp also provides diffuser type optical elements for time of flight applications for uniform illumination of objects under inspection.

The optical functions of Nanocomp’s illumination elements for 3D sensing applications are highly customisable upon our in-house design capabilities. Nanocomp’s high volume – high precision mass production process allows the optical element thickness down to 50 microns making miniaturisation of the motion tracking units feasible.