Birthday for One, Happiness for All

February has definitely been a pleasant month of birthdays at Nanocomp with yesterday marking the third celebration for our colleague! What is special this time is not only the home-made delicacies for our mouths but also the hero of the day; a newcomer from the nearby country of Russia, yet distant city of Moscow.

Dmitry Leskin joined our design team at the beginning of this year. Although he had to fight through a violent snow storm all the way to Joensuu at the harshest winter season, he received in return a generous warm welcome from all the teammates and coworkers at Nanocomp.

Dmitry holds a Master’s Degree in Quantum and Optical Electronics. He has gained extensive knowledge of photonics and engaged in the lighting industry for over ten years as an optical engineer. After successfully managing tens of significant aircraft and lighting projects, Dmitry proceeded further to challenge himself by taking the position of optical designer at Nanocomp. This new opportunity offers him a different perspective in his profession as well as a fresh start in his personal life. As he expressed, “I’m very glad to get this great job at Nanocomp. Joensuu area is very comfortable for living. Here I feel a good combination of family, work and hobby time for myself.”

It is worth mentioning that with Dmitry on board, our company advanced a step closer towards becoming a multi-cultural organization. On behalf of Nanocomp, we sincerely welcome Dmitry once again and wish him a great birthday together with a life-enriching career ahead!