Directional light guide film High efficiency and directivity for displays and all other lighting applications

Nanocomp has developed a light guide film (LGF) with highly directional light output. The light couples out sharply towards the surface normal, with the full-width-at-half-maximum (FWHM) as narrow as 30 DEGs. The functionality is based on Nanocomp´s special microstructures, whose population density increases with the distance from the light sources, spreading the light evenly over the illuminated surface.

This lightguide works independently, and does not require additional light management films to function. As compared to typical micro-lens based lightguide, the on-axis luminance level of Nanocomp´s directional lightguide is significantly higher.

The directional LGF can be considered a see-through component, even with lights on. A white reflector and a diffuser film may be used for fully smooth visual appearance, the application requiring.

Nanocomp´s directional LGF enables a simple stack option for LCD backlighting. Further, it suits to all other lighting applications, providing uniform surface light source, with extremely shallow installation depth. Thanks to its thin film format, this LGF is also bendable, and can be applied on curved surfaces.

The thickness of the standard 8” LGF is 0.5 mm, and customized designs are available for thicknesses between 0.075-0.5 mm, and diagonal sizes of up to 15.6”. The directional LGF is manufactured with high accuracy UV-R2R mass-manufacturing process, ensuring a high yield and cost effective solution.

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