New Product release from Nanocomp

NIR micro optics film combines micro-optics and NIR film to a light blocking and IR transparent film with easy integration with a backside adhesive. Flexible film format allows for lamination on both flat and curved surfaces, total package is thin (< 100 um)



  • Transmission spectrum over 90% at NIR region over 700 nm
  • 10 ?m Embossed structure / 50 ?m
    Backing film / 50 ?m Adhesive /
    50 ?m PET Release Liner
  • Optimized transparency at
    VIS region for ALS & indicator
  • Low haze at NIR wavelengths


  • IR optics (lighting, lenses, …)
  • Security cameras
  • 3D sensing, Gesture recognition
  • Ambient light sensors
  • Night vision enhancement, helmet
    mounted systems
  • Detector technology
  • Proximity sensors
  • IR flash lens
  • Eye tracking

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