Nanocomp is a patron of a mathematics and science focused school class in a local middle school.

At Pielisjoen Koulu, science and mathematics are studied in laboratory environment, collaborating companies and science camps in addition to traditional class room work. The objective is to promote the students’ problem solving skills, creativity, initiative and understanding of the scientific phenomenon.  Educating entrepreneurship is one of the accented areas and for the purpose collaboration with local businesses and patron companies is at the center of the activity. Each school class has the support of a patron company and Nanocomp is one. We wish to support and promote the science education in schools and through the collaboration encourage students to get motivated about learning about science.


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Nanocomp CEO; Veli-Pekka Leppänen, is visiting the science and mathematics class in Pielisjoen Koulu middle school to educate students about Nanocomp and the applications of micro and -nanophotonics technology.

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