On April 7th we at Nanocomp had a chance to present the company to our sponsored LUMA- class of Pielisjoki middle school. Here’s how LUMA students themselves describe what sets their class apart           from others;

What does LUMA mean? It means that natural sciences and mathematics are emphasized in our curriculum. In practice, we have some extra natural science and maths lessons compared to the other classes in our school. We also have educational visits to different places, e.g. the water treatment plant.  The LUMA-classes cooperate with the LUMA centre and its laboratory at the University of Eastern Finland.”

It is our privilege to be able to contribute to helping young science enthusiasts with their education.        Our objective for the day was to showcase how the skills they learn in their everyday studies can be put to use in a research & development as well as a production environment. During their visit at our plant and laboratory we hope to have pitched in to building a piece of their future professional landscape.


Pielisjoki school LUMA-class members share their motivation for pursuing mathematics and science studies;

Why did we choose this class?

  • It sounded fun.
  • Everybody recommended it to me.
  • We wanted to learn more.
  • We are interested in biology, geography, chemistry, physics and maths.
  • Science is interesting.
  • All these subjects will help us in the future.
  • We wanted to have friends with similar interests.