While the sunlight stays longer each day on the Nordic lands, Nanocomp has reflected and created a striking innovation with our continuous lightguide film, NCLux Film. It is our pleasure to introduce our cutting-edge technology into the marketplace and inspire potential partners for new business growth together with us. Although our lightguide has always been playing a leading role in the battlefield, this time our innovation is derived from its usage; a very successful industrial application.

Most of the features our NCLux Film provides differentiate significantly from our competitors, that is also how we excel in this arena. Thickness of our lightguide film being as thin as 0,5mm or less is extraordinary, particularly for the designers. It renders more space and freedom for designing as well as facilitating the lamination of a variety of topcoats, such as perforated wood, plastic, metal, leather and fabrics. Meanwhile, the flexibility of the film makes it possible to apply our lightguide to most moderately curved surfaces. The continuous lightguide film is supplied in rolls, thus length of applications is unrestricted. What’s more, our embedded micro-optics are rarely seen, if not being the only provider in the industry. Not only are they highly efficient, but also have a remarkable score of over 80% in luminance uniformity. With all these outstanding advantages, it is not surprising that Nanocomp has been selected by a prestigious automobile company to furnish its newly released high-end products.

It is so encouraging to witness our collaboration with the automotive industry. Our lightguide has been unprecedentedly applied to vehicles, which diverges incredibly from the past as a component in the electronic devices. The innovative application opens countless doors for us and lights our way to a brighter future. We could imagine that top brands in various industries e.g. interior decorating, furniture, bags and cases etc., who are seeking for distinctiveness would be attracted to our offerings. Nanocomp is ready to welcome partners from all fields. We are confident that our innovative and multipurpose application would uplift adopters’ business to another level. Nanocomp will be expecting to flourish jointly with our collaborators in the days to come.

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