Health monitoring and material analysis has attracted manufacturers as well as end users and is fast emerging as a pioneering field. Nanocomp offers component and solution for several related fields.

Disposable, low cost micro and nanostructure based polymer photonics sensor offers a number of favorable properties for optical sensing. Micro- and nanophotonic sensors are an attractive alternative for a wide range of applications such as material analyzing (chemical hazards), diagnostics, and food screening. Remarkable advantages of polymer photonics sensor structure are highly cost effective manufacturing, mass-manufacturability, nanostructured, large-area multi-parameters and the integration opportunities to microfluidics and sensing features.

Nanocomp lightguide products are also being used for light applying in heathcare solutions or for illumination purposes in sensoring. Thin film-like lightguides are the perfect solution for many products requiring flexibility and user comfort together with high performance. See more details and ideas from our products section.

Our diffractive optics solutions have been incorporated in sensors and user interfaces in several different healthcare segments. Cost effective mass production enables disposable end-products with highly complex functionality. For example our pattern generators have been used in healthcare motion tracking or control interface for medical room equipment.

Nanocomp’s thin and flexible optical solutions are one of the key enabling technologies of the future landscape of healthcare devices.